On Friday, June 4th, Officer Familia responded to a 911 call reporting the drowning of 14-year-old Troy Love in Green Hill Pond, Worcester. Tragically, neither Officer Familia nor Troy Love emerged from the water alive. Worcester didn't just lose a remarkable officer that day; it lost a brother, a friend, and a partner who made a selfless decision and the ultimate sacrifice to save a young life.

Today, we remember and celebrate the life of Manny, a dedicated, loving, and compassionate individual, through The Manny 267 Foundation, established by his beloved family.

The Familia family established this foundation to raise awareness about drowning hazards and the importance of water safety for first responders and the community. Our mission at The Manny 267 Foundation is to raise funds to donate Manny Tubes to police departments nationwide and to provide water safety training for officers and swimming lessons for children, thus preventing such tragedies from occurring again.

In honor of Manny, we invite you to join us in continuing his legacy and making a difference in promoting water safety nationwide.


The mission of the Manny 267 Foundation is to raise donations to be able to donate Manny Tubes to every police department in the nation and to provide water safety training for officers and swimming lessons for kids to prevent this drowning tragedy from ever happening again.

About Officer Manny Familia

Manny embodied joy, radiating warmth and laughter wherever he went. A devoted family man and a beacon of selflessness, his presence could transform any moment into a memorable one. With his infectious smile and quick wit, Manny had a knack for brightening up the room and lifting spirits.

Known for his playful nature, Manny was a master of humor. Always ready with a joke to bring a smile to your face, he embodied kindness, reliability, and approachability, making him the go-to person for advice or support in any situation.

A passionate fan of the New England Patriots, Manny cherished his time cheering on his favorite team at Gillette Stadium alongside his cousins and brothers. He also shared a love for comedy shows, frequently enjoying them with his beloved wife.

Unapologetically himself, Manny's unique sense of style and flair for fashion reflected his vibrant personality. Through his wardrobe choices and confident demeanor, he exuded an energy that drew others to him effortlessly.


Join the #Manny267 community and donate to help us provide training and rescue equipment to every police department in the nation and help prevent this tragedy from happening again. Together, we can continue Manny's legacy and bring awareness to swimming hazards and proper water safety practices.
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